At Dallas Auto Recyclers Inc we will provide you the very best service while protecting the safety of both our employees and you the customer.  We work very hard to maintain a clean area around the crusher and the rest of the salvage yard.  When we haul off your crushed cars it will be by the truckload.  Each load will have 15 to 20 vehicles on it depending on the weight of the crushed vehicles.  The Loader Operator and Truck Driver will work together to decide what can be safely transported.

We require our employees and customers to follow these important Safety Guidelines.
  • Employees or customers should never stand or walk behind a loader or in front of the crusher mouth while they are operating.
  • Do not stand near a truck while it is being loaded (parts or whole cars may fall to the ground).
  • Do not smoke or light a flame near the gas tank.  Fumes and spills may be present and could cause an explosion.
  • Do not wear headphones / earbuds.  In the event of an emergency you may need to hear warning calls.
We do not allow the following items to be crushed.  As such we ask for your help in removing or not allowing these items in your cars.
  • Any kind of pressure vessel or tank.  This means no fire extinguishers, propane tanks, air tanks, or any other closed metal container.  The vehicle’s original gas tank may be left in place.
  • No chain link or barb wire.
  • No trash other than car parts.
  • No dirt, concrete, asphalt, or any other material that did not originally come with the vehicle.
  • A maximum of 5 tires may be on or in any vehicle.
  • All Mercury switches MUST be removed by you before we crush your cars.  We do not remove, collect or recycle these switches.  Any vehicle found with Mercury switches will be put aside until the switch has been removed.
  • Any radioactive substance.
Dallas Auto Recyclers Inc aim to pay all of our customers within one business day.  Along with your payment, you will receive weight tickets for all your loads.  Additionally, you will receive a copy of the "Daily Load-out Log" from the loader driver at the end of each day.  It provides a record of truck numbers and the number of loads that left your yard that day. We reserve the right to return any load of crushed cars to you if it is rejected by a recycling facility for any reason.  In addition, if a recycling facility decides that a load is comprised mainly of trash or prohibited items and chooses to add a weight penalty, that penalty will be deducted from your final payment.